Államtitkár: A cég, amely a jövő magyar vállalatát testesíti meg

Kapcsolódó hivatkozások: https://magyarnemzet.hu/gazdasag/allamtitkar-a-ceg-amely-a-jovo-magyar-vallalatat-testesiti-meg-7818011/ https://hirado.hu/belfold/gazdasag/cikk/2020/02/25/itm-allamtitkar-az-abu-alba-kft-a-jovo-magyar-vallalatat-testesiti-meg https://webradio.hu/hirek/gazdasag/itm-allamtitkar-az-abu-alba-kft-a-jovo-magyar-vallalatat-testesiti-meg https://www.fehervartv.hu/video/index/30314

Pallet producing automat

Our pallet producing automa is currently under commissioning. Our new pneumatic pallet riveting-machine suitable for the production of small- and middle-serial pallets significantly increases the productivity of the workshop by means of the automated production process, ensuring stable quality. The producible pallet size is 600 x 800 mm and 1300 Read more…

To the sea with the shipment!

The company Adu Alba has been dealing with the production of wood-, plastic based packaging technical products for more than 15 years. For the production of pallets and special seaworthy they apply Industry 4.0 technologies. The visitors can view them on the Night of Modern Factories. Details here: http://gyartastrend.hu/logisztika/cikk/tengerre_a_szallitmannyal