Main aspects of business ethics for the company Adu Alba Kft.

  1. The company’s ethical attitude towards the employees:

The motto of our company is that “Every enterprise can be as good as its employees.”

Accordingly we lay great emphasis on the selection of the colleagues. We consider specific needs, for example for colleagues with little children, or prospective workers caring for their elderly parents or permanently ill family members we offer flexible working hours.

2 years ago we applied for the tender Family-friendly company of the year (Three princes, three princesses campaign), although we did not get a place, but the other participants’ presentations gave us plenty of ideas to maintain work-family-balance.

We find a solution for the arising different individual demands, for example payment of income in several monthly instalments.

If necessary, we look for sublease for our colleagues arriving from a distance and in some cases we provide our colleagues in need with sublease.

  1. Considering the important matters for the employees we lay special attention to:
  • provision of clean, modern, ordered working environment

  • payment of wages in due time

  • daily contact with the management

  • the basis of the responsible operation is a working environment free from discrimination, existence of proactive equal opportunity measures, its implementation in practice was that we worked together with the 3M office in Székesfehérvár, which provided us with persons with changed working ability. We concluded a contract with pensionist cooperative to increase our personnel and to improve equal opportunities.

  • Transparency is an important CSR aspect for our company, therefore during the establishment of the career management system we make the career opportunities, conditions, intervals and the possible perspectives transparent for the concerned persons.

  • Fairness is the other basic value of our CSR policy, therefore upon establishment of the benefit policy we bore in mind that we do not take advantage of underprivileged employees.
    For example we do not give unfairly low wage for a low-skilled employee. Further our company respects the principle equal pay for equal work.

  • Dialogue is important for us and it constitutes a part of the CSR policy, which means that in case of the enrichment of a workplace HR does not only communicate the wider scope of activities, but dialogizes with the employee, during which HR asks for the opinion, ideas of the employee and eventually considers them during the establishment of alternatives.

  • We help our colleagues with products or services provided at cost price, e.g. discount firewood sale for them or occasional usage of company vehicles.

It is extremely important for us to continuously develop our professional skills, therefore we regularly enter professional competitions (we have several Hungaropack awards).

Approx. one year ago we received a request from the Hungarian Academy of Sciences related to our company, and a few days ago an English-language economic study was published by them, in which Adu Alba Kft. was mentioned as example.

Export influencing factors in the Iberian, Baltic and Visegrád regions

Editor: Andrea Éltető, Authors of the book chapters: Katalin Antalóczy, Andrea Éltető, Patrik Toporowski, Norbert Szijártó, Gábor Túry, Beáta Udvari

  1. Ethical business behaviour towards customers, business partners:

In the competition Factory of the Year 2016 organized by the technical journal “Gyártás Trend” we won our category among companies with an annual turnover of under 3 billion.

We won the title Most innovative manufacturer and we were the winner of the category Supplier relations respectively.

This was preceded by a thorough audit by a very serious, independent third party, Process Solutions.

From our several professional awards I would like to highlight the special prize of the

World Packaging Organisation (WPO) we won in 2016 with a vacuum-formed foam-tray.

  1. Concrete manifestation of social responsibility:

Social engagement is important to us, in this regard we took the following steps:

  • occasionally we provide the homeless of Székesfehérvár with firewood – we support a local grammar-school with wooden material for the arts and crafts classes and we renewed one of the sanitary blocks of the school – previously we participated several times in the local KÉPES program (CSR program initiated by Alcoa and Denso) – we regularly invite kindergarten children and grammar-/secondary-school pupils for factory visits – we performed the reconstruction of the furniture of a local kindergarten free of charge – previously we regularly supported the Szent Imre School House (by Csaba Böjte) with cloths, food and others based on the arising demands, such as gallery for playground made of wood.

  • Our company supports currently the KIFIGYEL association.

  1. Ethical behaviour towards the environment:

Since 2008 we possess a continuously renewed ISO 14001 certificate, the principles of which are effectively applied in practice.

We produce almost waste-free with high efficiency of material usage.

We do not use chemicals on the site of the company except hygienic chemicals.

The requirements of the ISO9001 certificate support our company in minimizing its ecological footprint for environmental responsibility (sustainability).

The future of the human race depends on how well we conserve our resources and manage them sustainably. Currently paper industry cuts the third of the trees it plants.

The materials intended for internal use can be printed onto 100% recycled paper.

We design and develop complex packaging systems, by means of which we can offer our customers recycleable packaging systems in a cost-saving manner.

So we actively cooperate in the reduction of global packaging material demand.

Our plastic vacuum trays are recycled to 100%.

After repeated use or scrapping, the finished products are ground and the granulate is reconstituted into plate by one of our partners for us.