What is a good business partner like? It is reliable, correct, understands the problem, knows what is needed and as equal party it aims at maintaining a win-win cooperation.

  1. Reliability

Responsibility and cooperation. Secure and correct selection, high quality services and products, through which we support the more effective business of our clients. By means of the most modern technologies we provide our clients with high quality services.

  1. Expertise, competence

We ensure up-to-date technological background, optimal client serving and high quality service with our qualified technical experts and skilled sales team.

To support our activity and to prove our reliability we continuously develop our business processes according to the requirements of the ISO:9001 quality management and the ISO 14001 standard and let them certified by independent auditors. The management and the employees of the company Adu Alba Kft. are committed to the continuous improvement of business processes and management systems, in order to provide our clients with services on the highest possible level, adjusted to the individual demands and expectations.

  1. Flexibility

We adapt different demands and circumstances. Efficiency, flexibility, rapid service of individual customer demands, quick reaction are typical for us on the area of business.