Our headquarters/site is located in Székesfehérvár, Sóstó Ipari Park, Finn utca 5.

Our other workshop is in Székesfehérvár, along the expressway M7, in Had utca 10 beside the Enterprise Centre in Seregélyesi út.

Our company philosophy is to serve the arising individual demands in accordance with today’s trends.

The production of wood- and plastic-based packaging technical products (pallets, special seaworthy), plastic vacuum-formed products (vacuum-formed logistic and packing trays), quality services (visual inspection, selection, packaging, re-packing).

With the management of our engineer team our fitters prepare the individual aluminium tools for the plastic industrial vacuum machines and we undertake tool production/fitting activities in our workshop respectively.

Our experts prepare the 3D-model prototype based on existing plans, brought ideas and broken objects, by means of 3D-printing, additionally we can replace missing parts.

We are available for companies from single piece or small series production.

Currently we have 4 pcs. 600x600x800mm and 2 pcs. 1000x1000x1200mm 3D-printers, maybe the biggest ones in Hungary. These are able to print plastic from ABS, PLA filament in pallet size.

Our production control is performed by means of a company control system.

We have valid ISO9001, ISO14001 certificates.

With our own 3 trucks we transport our products in accordance with the customer’s demands.

We cooperate closely with the universities DUE and SZIE in different research+development projects. Our goal is the continuous improvement of our innovation potential.

In the “Industry 4.0 Sample factories project” (GINOP-1.1.3-16-2017-00001), which is destined for the establishment of “Industry 4.0” sample applications to stimulate the digital and automation developments of production of small and medium-sized enterprises, our company participates therein and our current goal is to obtain the qualification “Silver Industry 4.0”, then “Golden Industry 4.0”.

Within the frame of the program of the Night of Modern Factories we are looking forward to welcoming the interested on 15 November 2019 between 16.00 and 22.00.

Participation requires prior registration.

The Night of Modern Factories came to being with the purpose, to rewrite the traditional ideas about industry, to give development guiding for the decision-makers of small and medium-sized enterprises and to provide the job-seekers and young people with image of the future and career opportunities. The event is also a direct meeting point between factories and prospective employees, contributing to the supply of industrial production workforce.

A previous registration is possible under the following link: